To put it frankly, this is the best album of traditional country music I’ve heard in ages. Actually I can’t even remember having heard such a good mid-50’s honky tonk album played by a modern artist before.” - Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Rockabilly Chronicle

One of Guitar World's 50 Best Albums of 2015” - Guitar World Staff

Guitar World

I might sound crazy, but the most traditional hillbilly classic country music artist is from the UK. I could spin a Charlie Thompson tune for anyone that hasn’t heard him before, and they’d assume he must be some obscure, late ’40s Grande Ole Opry performer they’ve never heard of.” - JAMES ORME

Slug Magazine

The musical style that Charlie Thompson is currently peddling is probably best described as traditional country, but one in the sense that incorporates several of the traditional elements by taking snippets of country, honky-tonk, hillbilly and western swing and applying them in his own natural style and vision to make it his own interpretation." ” - Nathan Olsen-Haines

Famous Last Words

Thompson's new album is meant to look and sound as authentically vintage as possible, and he nails it—just as Scotland's the Kaisers nailed the whole fake-British-Invasion-band thing in the Nineties.” - Damian Fanelli

Guitar Player

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