new album 'untamed heart'

A journey into the rhythms and countryside that gave rise to Texas Shuffles…

This album is an addition to Charlie’s traditional fare of Rockabilly and Hillbilly, and a trip into the land of Honky Tonk. It all started in Austin, Texas, where Charlie was lucky enough to be the 2016 winner of Dale Watson’s Ameripolitan Award for best Honky Tonk Male - the first European to win one.   
During a return visit the following year to “pass the torch” to the 2017 winner, he and his friend, drummer Buck Johnson, spent many evenings under the Texas stars talking and listening to Country Shuffles. He had long loved this style, and it resonated deeply with him - he was hooked. Shortly thereafter he recorded this album in a series of visits to Austin, recruiting some of its finest country musicians to help him out: 

These talented musicians all make an appearance on this heartfelt tribute to the music that flowed from Texas dance halls in the late 1950s.

Charlie Thompson doesn’t release many records, but we like to think that when he does, it’s well worth the wait. We hope you’ll agree.

Untamed Heart

Charlie Thompson

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Listen to clips of the tracks from the record! No streaming yet, but if you need a digital music fix you can buy a digital download of the whole album (.WAV format).

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